Global Rounds
An Online Journal for the Global Medical Community

Global Rounds is an innovative online journal designed to unite the global medical community. The mission and goal of Global Rounds is to provide an academic forum for physicians, medical students, and health care professionals to present their work and personal experiences to the international community via the world wide web. Global Rounds consists of the three sections:

  1. Case Presentations

    Original case presentations featuring disorders unique to various parts of the world. For example, did you recently encounter a drug resistant strain HIV? Or perhaps your region recently had an outbreak of dengue fever? Include photos if appropriate and possible.

  2. Perspectives on Medicine Around the World

    Each issue we would like this section to talk about how health care and various medical issues are treated in different areas of the world. This section will be comprised of narratives, prose, poetry, all covering the experience of medicine from a global perspective.

    Possible topics include: What is it like being a medical student/physician in your country? What unique experiences motivated you to enter medicine? What are some health care issues that your nation/culture is currently dealing with? (abortion, health care reform, etc...)

  3. Reviews

    Brief reviews on various fields of medical research recapping and summarizing important new developments in health care. For example, what is the latest word on RU-486?

Instructions for submissions:

  • Include references if possible and where appropriate.
  • Include a brief "byline" describing yourself (where are you from?, where do you practice?, which med school do you attend?, specialty?)
  • Include photographs/diagrams/figures if possible. If you do not have access to a scanner to digitize your photos, let us know and we will do it for you. Global Rounds promises to be an exciting opportunity for you to present what medicine is like in your nation and culture to your colleagues around the world.
  • As a rough guideline please keep the length of all articles at least 1000 words but not more than 5,000 words.
  • Email submissions or questions to Bryan Chan

We hope that you will participate.

The Global Rounds' Editors

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