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MedLinks: The Best Medical Sites

These are MedWorld Cool Sites with stuff we think medical students and physicians will find useful. We even rated them for you!

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Medical Student Organizations and Resources

The one-and-only WWW resource a medical student will ever need! (hey, this is our page, we're entitled to a little shameless self-adulation). Our goal is to provide medical students with easy access to advice and information about all aspects of the medical training process. We will be updating this "cool sites" page, along with our ratings and descriptions, so that its easier and faster for medical students to surf the net and get the important resources they are looking for. Be sure to check out our bulletin boards!
The American Medical Association
This is a good place to find out more about what the AMA is doing and to get the latest edition of JAMA on-line. But that's about it. The Medical student section is, well..., pathetic! It really needs work to be of interest to medical students (we took one star away out of sheer rebuke that the AMA would have such pathetic medical student resources).
When you think of AAMC, four other letters probably come to mind (MCAT) or (NRMP). This site is a good source of information about the AAMC, especially if you need information about the (MCAT), (NRMP) or simply want to waste some (TIME).(reviewed May 27, 1996)
Aspiring policy makers may want to check out what the AMA is doing on behalf of American medical students. Council news, e-mail directories of governing members and legislative affairs information are available. (reviewed May 27, 1996)
Asian American Medical Students (at Ohio State)
This site obviously has limited interest and its very focused on students at Ohio State. But it does mention some of the national groups organized for Asian medical students, including AAMSnet and APAMSA.
Medical Student Interview Questionnaires
If you've always wondered what the medical school interview process would like, this sites for you! Premedical students will find this web site useful for searching for hints to the interview process at medical schools around the country. This site is comprised of hundreds of interview feedback forms regarding medical school interview experiences. While certains portions of the site can be overwhelming due to the tremedous number of questionnaires and certain schools may be underrepresented, this site is worth a visit for premeds. (reviewed 1/30/97)
Student 2 Student
A fairly new site started by the publishers of the book primarily for medical students who are studying for the boards. Includes bulletin boards on studying and much of the text of the ever-popular "First Aid for the USMLE Step I."

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