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MedLinks: The Best Medical Sites

These are MedWorld Cool Sites with stuff we think medical students and physicians will find useful. We even rated them for you!

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Navigating Medical Information

A web search wouldn't be complete without browsing this site. MedWeb is the closest thing to a doctor's Yahoo we have found to date. The hierarchical organization of this site is superb and its topical index and index of indices, are not only intuitive, but thorough. Only a librarian could have produced this site, so we weren't surprised that it's hosted by Emory's medical library. (Reviewed June 14, 1996)

The Six Senses Review
The folks at Six Sense have created a truly valuable peer-reviewed guide to the Web. Unlike others who have tried (Gary Malet's Medical Matrix) and failed, these folks realize that a peer-reviewed guide should necessarily be selective. There's no fluff here. Nearly everyone of their seal award winners back a stellar site. A must visit for anyone new to the web, or wishing to stay updated on the latest and greatest. (reviewed Oct 15, 1996)
Doctors Guide to the Internet
One of the few commercial medical sites to attract sponsors, you will know the maker of ZOLOFT by the time you leave the DG (if the webmaster has anything to say about it). Advertising aside, this site offers a plethora of medical information and news. Moderated physician-only discussion forums are also available, but were not reviewed during this visit. (reviewed May 27, 1996) [see also medical e-zines]
Martindale's Health Science Guide '96
After you visit this site, you realize that there's nothing really wrong with a big ego, really... After all, it's the "22,000 teaching files, over 31,500 medical cases, 357 courses/textbooks, over 25,000 graphic displays and over 7,400 (MPEG's) movies" that make this site a gem. The fact that the guy names the site after himself and makes the user scroll down past poster-sized icons of the awards he's garned should be secondary. All kidding aside, this site should not be missed. The indexes of case-based learning resources and "primary care teaching modules" are particularly excellent. (Reviewed June 4, 1996).
Started by Dr. Karen Breeck, a general practitioner in rural Canada, WebDoctor is designed to be an information resource for rural physicians. You don't need to be in the wilds of Canada to appreciate the wealth of information presented on this site, however. Comfy up in a chat room while you're here and help keep someone company. (reviewed May 27, 1996)
Interactive Medical Student Lounge
Started by Nancy Sween at the University of Kansas medical school, this is the site that started it all. One of the earliest medical student-centered sites on the web, it remains one of the best. The IMSL contains a virtual plethora of links and contact information for anything and everything relating to the medical training process. If it's not here--maybe it doesn't exist. (Reviewed June 3, 1996)
Geared toward osteopathic medicine, this site is a powerhouse of useful information. Its frames-based interface can be annoying at times, but this is outweighed by the logical heirarchical organization of its site indexes. Not as comprehensive as Yahoo, however. (reviewed May 27, 1996)

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