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MedLinks: The Best Medical Sites

These are MedWorld Cool Sites with stuff we think medical students and physicians will find useful. We even rated them for you!

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Vanderbilt Histology Lessons
Vanderbilt has put together a decent site with good images and content about blood (hematopoesis), epithelium, peripheral nervous tissue, and salivary glands and the exocrine pancreas. Lots of good content and nice slides and EM (though they could have done a better job at labeling figures.) Not very interactive though, no quizzes or slide identification exercises. The brown paper bag with histo slides is probably the best bet for quick and dirty slide identification on the histo final!
'Lumen' - Histology and Cell Biology
This sadly, could have been a useful site...It has great slides and captions so you can learn the ultrastructural detail. It doesn't have as much conceptual content as the Vanderbilt site, so you can't really "learn" histo here. In addition, the slides are so badly indexed that you have a hard time finding what you're looking for. On the positive side, images are optimized for the Web and served very quickly.
Histology for Medicine and Dentistry
This is purely a reference site with a good selection of light microscopy and EM slides. No text or explanations, so its probably of limited value for medical students. The server is also a bit slow on providing images.

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