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MedLinks: The Best Medical Sites

These are MedWorld Cool Sites with stuff we think medical students and physicians will find useful. We even rated them for you!

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Clinical Medicine: Specific

Baylor Otolaryngology Page
This site contains the usual information about Baylor's Department of Otolaryngology and information about the residency program. The real gems though, are the full text from over 100 grand rounds on otolaryngologic topics, and links to many useful otolaryngology resources on the web. The images from the course syllabus were not loading on the day we visited. (reviewed May 27, 1996)
Pediatric Points of Interest
Chris Lehmann, M.D., a co-developer of the hugely successful "interactive patient" site at Marshall University has struck gold again with this outstanding resource chuck full of links to pediatric sites on the internet. (reviewed May 27, 1996)
Breast Diseases from McGill University
A pretty good place to learn about the pathophysiology of breast disease and the clinical correlations. Some sections are very sparse, however, and the site is definitely still under construction. Some students may find it useful.
Clinician's Guide to Asthma
This is a good source of information about asthma and has lots of information materials which can be printed out and used for patient education. In fact, the main focus of this page is on teaching the clinician how to instruct their patients on managing their asthma. Clinical students may find this information useful.
Geriatric Medicine Primer for Medical Students
This is a good starting place to learn about how to deal with older patients and what to look for and be sensitive towards when approaching an elderly patient. This site also makes good use of interactive quizes to emphasize important concepts.
Ophthalmology Cases from Massachusetts Eye and Ear
This is a good site to get interesting information about recent interesting cases in ophthalmology. Should be of use to a clinical medical student on ophthalmology clerkship.
Dermatology On-line
This site has a lot of dermatology-related photos and a good search engine to give you exactly what you want, but its a bit sparse on conceptual knowledge of dermatology and a bit too specifically-targeted for all but the gunner medical student on dermatology clerkship.
The Emergency Medicine Online Reference
With over 600 topics ranging from treatment of tension headaches to wilderness medicine, this is the web site for emergency medicine information. Produced by a collaboration of physicians around the world, this on-line reference is a must visit for those students interested in emergency medicine or for those students doing a rotation in the ER.

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