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MedLinks: The Best Medical Sites

These are MedWorld Cool Sites with stuff we think medical students and physicians will find useful. We even rated them for you!

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Clinical Medicine: General

The Interactive Patient
This site is really worth a visit. You get to ask questions, perform a physical exam and diagnose a patient using a very interactive interface. This site was a "cool site of the day" and "top 5% point survey." Visit this site NOW!!!
The Virtual Hospital
This is one slick site. It has a lot of good clinical content as well, and the pages and images are all professionally done. Among the features you can choose from are "multimedia textbooks" which are Web pages about everything from lung anatomy to emporiatrics (travel medicine). It also has TONS of patient simulations including sounds and quicktime movies. There is too much in this site to mention here, so Visit this site NOW!!!
Medical Diseases on the Web
A very nice and thorough index of Web sites about any and every kind of disease know to man...Nicely organized, it should help you get the latest scoop on the disease your studying (either in pathology or when you're researching topics for your PCM presentations!).
Primary Care Teaching Modules
Check out this site if your interested in academic reviews, quizzes and clinical case presentations on everything from constipation to urinary tract infections. Except for a couple of quizes, this site is not very interactive, but the reviews are well written and indexed. This site was put together by Stanford in collaboration with UCSF.
The Merck Manual
Are you a clinical student who is tired of carrying Harrison's around? Try visiting The Merck Manual online! This is a searchable version of the 16th edition of the popular reference book with topics on everything from cardiovascular medicine to allergic disorders. An excellent resource for diagnosis and therapy.

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