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Medicine Clerkship
Making a Splash on the Medicine Wards


By Yumi Ando, M.D., James Chu, M.D., Belinda Jump, M.D., Barbara Zylbert, M.D.

The medicine clerkship is why most medical students came to medical school - to learn bread and butter medicine and learn how to manage patients. Learning to handle a broad-based range of medical problems and work efficiently within the confines of a medical team are just some of the learning priorities here. The ultimate goal is to hone diagnostic skills and attain confidence in your clinical abilities.

The transition to the clinics is not easy and it's not something many students feel they have been adequately prepared to handle. The key to making a splash on the medicine wards is knowing what to expect, and knowing what your goals are and how to achieve them.

Culled from lists and recommendations from current Stanford clinical medical students and house staff, here's our list of the best learning materials to get you on your way to the wards in style.


Textbooks (overview)

Pocket Manuals (overview)

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