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What can you do to keep your prostate cancer-free?


By Paul Wheeler

October 23, 1995

Researchers asked themselves this same question after noticing this intriguing fact: American men get a lot of prostate cancer; Japanese men only get a little. But Japanese men who move to America get a lot. That must mean it's not something in the genes, but something in America that's causing the increase.

The answer, it appears, is fat, which is a much larger part of the American diet than the Japanese. To test this theory researchers injected prostate cancer cells into mice on a high fat diet and also into some other mice on a low-fat diet. Although they both got cancer, the tumors grew much slower in the mice that didn't eat a lot of fat.

What does this mean for you? Well suppose you develop prostate cancer when you're 60, which is the average age for it. If you're on a low fat diet you can keep the cancer growing slowly enough that you'll probably die of something else before the cancer....No, it's not a cure, but it's a start.

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