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Nuns Approve New Shortening


By Paul Wheeler

November 6, 1995

A small Minnesota company has come up with a new shortening that it says will not only lower cholesterol but make better-tasting french fries and flakier pie crusts. The new product, Appetise, is made from vegetable oil and animal fats from which the cholesterol has been removed.

Since this stuff is mixed up from existing ingredients, it doesn't have to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but the company tested it out just the same, feeding it to gerbils, hamsters, monkeys ... and a group of Nuns from the Order of St. Benedict. They tried the "lard-lite" out on nuns since they had a controlled diet and also got in the habit of logging everything they ate. And, Heavens to Betsy, the study showed significant drops in cholesterol levels compared with an ordinary diet.

With Appetise coming to market as early as next year, you can expect better tasting grease everywhere you look, but experts warn, that just because it has no cholesterol doesn't mean you should start scarfing down french fries like a certain resisdent of the White House. The goal, experts say, is to reduce the mountainous amounts of fat in your diet, and this Appestise stuff might be fat in sheep's clothing but it's fat nonetheless...Still, the nuns love it.

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