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European Aphrodisiac Hits America


By Bryan Chan

November 22, 1995

If you're running a little low on hormones, don't worry because a European sex drug produced from freeze-dried chicken egg extract will soon enter clinical trials in the U.S. and Canada.

Is this the elusive aphrodisiac that the world has been searching for? Does it truely boost sexual desire? Well, in studies conducted on men with reduced sexual desire in Norway, 83 percent of the men responded positively to the treatment, with responses ranging from a "minor increase" in desire to a "very pronounced increase." This drug may induce an increase in testosterone, but in order to determine whether this is how the drug has an aphrodisiac effect, the drug will be tested among 500 men and 500 women across North America over the next three years.

Well, for those of you who just can't wait for the results of this study to come out, this "dietary supplement" is currently available in Norway and a three-week supply of 100 pills will cost you around $150.

Oh, and now don't forget to ask for it by its over-the-counter name -- Libido.

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