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Alternative Halloween Treats


By Paul Wheeler

November 1, 1995

Do you remember going trick or treating as a kid? You'd keep trying to go back to the house that gave you a full-size Snickers and you'd silently curse the hated house that dared to pass out - of all things - dental floss? Well, things are only getting worse from the perspective of kids today.

Several organizations, including the American Diabetic Association, the Snack Food Association, and the National Potato Promotion Board, are urging people to distribute healthy alternatives to candy. Their suggestions: pretzels, raisins, bagels, and packets of Cream of Wheat. They also recommend that parents ration the goodies over several days, which is good advice if you've ever seen puked up peanut butter cups. These recommendations come on the heels of government findings that the number of overweight children has more than doubled in the past 30 years. Still, I think if you get the bright idea of handing out potatoes this Halloween, you shouldn't be too surprised if they end up being returned, say, through your living room window.

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