D O C T A L K with Bryan Chan


What is DocTalk?

DocTalk is a weekly half-hour radio show co-hosted by Bryan Chan, Neal Rojas, and Kate Horst. DocTalk airs throughout the San Fransisco Bay Area on 90.1 FM KZSU Stanford and selected shows are now broadcasted on the internet via our Real Audio server!

DocTalk, "the early years": Paul (left) and Bryan (right) in Studio B at 90.1 FM KZSU.

Each week, we bring you the latest health and medical information. Each show focuses on a different topic, including everything from general issues such as managed care and the AIDS epidemic to controversial issues such as midwifery and physician-assisted suicide. DocTalk also airs live interviews on special interest and off-beat topics such as "Behind the Scenes on ER" and cryonics.

Each show begins with a five minute news segment called "Off the Wire," which is followed by a 25 minutes live in-depth interview with a guest. Doctalk is produced and hosted by Stanford medical students.

Got an idea for a show? Contact Us.

If you've got comments or suggestions for future shows or just want more information about DocTalk, feel free to contact us because we value your opinion. Please address inquiries to Bryan Chan at xone@leland.stanford.edu.

Need more info?

If you're looking for more information on a topic that we've reported, we suggest that you search the web using MedWorld's SuperSearch tool, which searches multiple databases on the web simultaneously.

Who is DocTalk?

  • Bryan Chan - Producer & Co-host & Web guy and 3rd year medical student
  • Kate Horst - Co-host and 2nd year medical student
  • Neal Rojas - Co-host and 2nd year medical student

  • For the latest news on health and medicine...listen to Doc Talk
    with Bryan Chan, Kate Horst, and Neal Rojas on Tuesdays at 6 pm
    only on 90.1 FM KZSU Stanford.

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