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  As Stanford medical students, we started the MedWorld project because we realized the importance of the internet in facilitating the communication and exchange of medical information across vast temporal and geographical barriers. Attending a medical school nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, we found that the internet and computers in general were integrated closely into our everyday lives. At the time, however, the internet wasn't quite a buzz word yet, and there weren't many resources which specifically met the needs of medical students and the health care community.

We thought there should be.

  The MedWorld project is about making those resources a reality. Our goal is to experiment, innovate, and explore the best possible ways to use the internet and the WWW to broaden perspectives, enrich lives, and ultimately make better physicians and more informed patients. We work on a global level, and publish submissions from any of the millions of potential readers on the internet.

  If you would like more information about the MedWorld project, or have specific questions regarding our work, please feel free to contact us. We value the ideas and opinions of our readers, and welcome any comments you may have.

Larry Chu and Bryan Chan, Editors


  We would like to thank the Stanford Medical Alumni Association, who's insight and major financial support of our work allows the MedWorld project to continue.

  Additional support for MedWorld comes from the Office of Graduate Medical Education, Stanford University School of Medicine, and the Stanford Medical Student Association.

  We would also like to express our appreciation to Apple Computer, SUMMIT, and Stanford MedNet for their advice, encouragement, and support of our work.

  Finally, believe it or not, MedWorld is produced entirely by medical students at Stanford University. The important people we need to thank are the people who make MedWorld possible; our readers and the writers who have submitted their work to share with the world on MedWorld. Our readers are our writers. The internet is our press. The world is our audience.


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